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19 Micro-Batch Feeders MBF-310



The MBF-310 Micro-Batch Feeder for continuous volumetric feeding of powdery or granular materials consists of a casing entirely manufactured from stainless steel, a horizontally mounted rotating agitator tool, a feeder screw beneath the agitator tool, a feeder pipe enclosing the protruding feeder screw, one drive unit each for agitator and feeder screw.


MBF-310 Micro-Batch Feeders for feeding of powdery and granular materials are particularly suitable for poorly flowing materials which tend to clog, along with adhesive products.
Fed through a bag opening hopper, a bulk bag discharger, or another feeding device, the agitator tool manages to keep the material flowing, reducing at the same time the possibility of formation of lumps or bridges.
The size of the material particles is of utmost importance when choosing the type of feeder screw. Poorly flowing materials with cohesion or bridging problems are homogeneously fed into the feeding zone by the blending or agitator shaft which is shaped according to the product properties.
Depending on the user’s individual requirements, the MBF-310 Micro-Batch Feeder can be supplied with alternative feeder screws and blending tools and with various accessories.


MBF-310, which come in various configurations, are suitable for feeding of granules, flave or powders.
Design flexibility enables feeding of resins, both in powdery or granular form, charges, fibres and additives.
Typical areas of application are compounding and masterbatch lines, coating, extrusion and blow moulding.
Typical positions within the plant are on weighing scales for loss-inweight installations next to the extruder, granulator or compounding system. Furthermore, they are positioned inside dosing stations on top of weighing scales upstream of turbo-mixers.


  • Easy and quick internal clearing tank to quick-access inspection panel;
  • Feeding of different additives with the same unit tank to interchangeability of components;
  • Small number of parts makes maintenance easy and quick;
  • Independent drives for agitator and feeder tool leave all options open in terms of drive power and  tool speed;
  • Maximum safety for OEM and user tank to ATEX-certification;
  • High degree of homogeneity of fed material tank to blending/agitating tool;
  • Easy integration into the plant;
  • Process reliability tank to back-up by WAMGROUP® test labs.

Technische Merkmale/Leistungsdaten

  • Wide range of interchangeable machine components
  • Suitable for powders, granules, fibres, flakes or ground materials
  • Compact design, small footprint
  • 3 sizes available with feed rates ranging from 3 dm3/h to 4,000 dm3/h
  • Agitator and feeder tool with independent drives
  • Internal geometry guarantees smooth feeding of particularly difficult materials
  • No residue nests
  • Quick-access inspection panel
  • Contact surfaces in 304 SS (316 optional)
  • Shaft sealing with grease lubrication system

Liste technischer Daten

DS.310.MBF.EN.December 2012.R01
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